Police Brutality

Citizens have the right to expect professional and legal behavior from the peace officers they employ to protect them. The law requires police officers to perform their duties using the minimal amount of force possible. However, in many situations, officers can cross the line and use undue physical force and deny the constitutional rights of civilians during the performance of their duties. If you’ve been the victim of police misconduct, contact our offices immediately to begin the process of receiving just compensation for the abuse you’ve endured.

What do I do if confronted with police brutality?

If an officer uses physical force unnecessarily or attempts to deny you your basic constitutional rights, it’s best to comply as best you can regardless of how frustrating the situation may be. Your first priority at that moment is to emerge from the situation safely. Don’t do or say anything to further provoke the officer in question. Comply with orders, but speak as little as possible during the encounter. Any seemingly aggressive or hostile behavior on your part may be used as justification for the incident later.

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