Motorcycle Accidents

While all vehicles carry an inherent risk for their operators and passengers, motorcycles are especially dangerous. Often overlooked by drivers in larger vehicles, motorcyclists with every right to use the same public roads are the victim of negligence much more often than other drivers, and the threat of injury or death is far greater.

Statistics prove the disproportionate amount of danger motorcyclists face on the road. While they represent only two percent of all the vehicles on the road, motorcycle accidents make up five percent of fatal accidents. While there’s only about a twenty percent chance you”ll be injured in a car accident, that number becomes eighty percent if you’re in a motorcycle wreck.

The New York personal injury lawyers at Lisa Michael and Associates, P.C. are here to help you recover financially if you’ve been in a motorcycle wreck due to the negligence of another driver. We’re committed to providing the aggressive, zealous representation you need in order to recover the maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact our offices today at (212) 776 – 1800 for your free initial consultation.

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