FAQ – Settlements

I’ve been offered a settlement. Should I accept it?

In certain cases, when it’s very apparent that a party has been negligent and caused someone to suffer an injury, there may be a monetary settlement offered even prior to the injured party beginning any legal action. Other times, a settlement might be offered very early in the process of legal action being undertaken. In most cases, although this quick settlement might seem attractive while a person is facing medical expenses or the financial burden caused by lost wages, it’s typically best to wait before accepting any such settlement.

The New York personal injury lawyers of Lisa Michael and Associates, P.C. are ready to provide you with the best possible advice on how to address the financial situations caused as a result of your injury. Before accepting any settlement offered to you, contact us at (212) 776-1800 to be aware of all the rights granted to you by the laws of this state in regard to receiving just compensation for your losses and for your pain and suffering.