Legal Malpractice

A lawyer commits Legal Malpractice when they fail to provide adequate legal services to a client. If the lawyer fails to provide services -usually through an error or failure to act- that meet the minimum standard of care of a licensed attorney, then the lawyer has committed legal malpractice.

An example of legal malpractice may be a lawyer failing to timely prosecute your case within New York State’s statute of limitations, thereby extinguishing your rights to ever pursue a claim on your behalf. However, pursuing a claim for legal malpractice is actually two-fold, or actually known as a case-within-a-case. You must not only prove that the attorney handling your matter was negligent in his representation of your case, but ALSO, that but for his negligence, you would have prevailed on your underlying case.

You have the right to timely, competent legal services if you’ve been injured as a result of negligence. If you believe you’re the victim of legal malpractice, contact us today for a free consultation.

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